Langre beach in cantabria

The immensity of the Atlantic Ocean opens up before you in all its splendour on the beach of Langre, in Cantabria. Belonging to the municipality of Langre, this beach in Ribamontán de Mar is a sandy area that only a lucky few can see and which, fortunately, is far from the tremendous urban exploitation that stalks many of the coasts of the peninsula.

This beach is more than 850 metres long and 60 metres wide, and is surrounded by a huge 25-metre high cliff that encloses it. Therefore, access to this isolated beach is complicated if you don’t walk to it, so you won’t find many people sightseeing here.

Don’t look for beach bars

Perhaps because of its solitude it will be impossible to find a single bar, beach bar or restaurant there. We recommend you bring your own sandwich or picnic, or visit the nearby towns of Somo, Laredo or Galizano.

Ride the wave

However, the strong waves are splendid for water sports such as surfing, and its perfect natural state is good for scuba diving, as, despite its sometimes reduced visibility, you can see many different species of animals and plants.

Langre is a beach of fine golden sand with a crescent-shaped coastline and crystal-clear waters in a setting surrounded by the greenest and most spectacular nature on the Cantabrian coast.

Two clearly differentiated parts

The beach is actually divided into two parts. The first is somewhat smaller, and from here you have access to the wider section, which is reached by descending a flight of steps. In one of the sections, the furthest one, nudism is allowed.

Of course, if you dare to go for a swim, we warn you that, in spite of being under the peaceful warmth of the Iberian Peninsula, its water temperatures are not exactly mild, so a swim will be more than refreshing, it will be chilling!

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