The beach of la charca in salobrena granada

La Charca beach, also known as Solamar, is the busiest beach in the family tourist destination of Salobreña, in Granada (Andalusia).

This beach on the Costa Tropical is wide, measuring 1800 metres long and around 64 metres wide.

The deep blue waters contrast with the dark sand of the Charca, which is surrounded by an extensive urban stretch with a Mediterranean atmosphere, a place where the buildings and the nature of the fields and forests are integrated to create a very natural environment with a small mountain as a backdrop.

This beach is visited every summer by both locals and foreign families, who manage to create a fun family atmosphere in which all visitors have the same objective: a peaceful and carefree holiday in a place that offers everything that both children and adults could need.

In this sense, La Charca offers a good range of services, among which you will find many hotels, small shops, restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours while you stroll along the long promenade that runs along the beach.

In addition to all this, Salobreña is a place with a lot of history where you can enjoy not only the beaches and the warm climate, but also the beautiful old part of the town, where you can see the Moorish ancestors of the area. The medieval structures of the neighbourhoods open out into narrow streets lined with white buildings and colourful gardens to create a sight not to be missed.

If you are spending a few days here, you can also visit other nearby tourist towns such as Motril or Almuñecar.

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