The beach of getares in algeciras

Once again I am going to go (virtually speaking) to the south of Spain, specifically to Andalusia, in search of the most special beaches. Today I am going to talk about Getares Beach, a large sandy area belonging to the town of Algeciras and which forms part of the Parque Natural del Estrecho (Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park).

This beach is very extensive, being divided by a river with a funny name: the river Pícaro. The two resulting areas have special characteristics, which differentiate them and give them personality. Shall we take a walk along Getares Beach?

Between two points

This beautiful beach is located south of Algeciras, and stretches between the point of San García and the point of Getares. This is the beginning of the Strait of Gibraltar, with high cliffs that cut the Spanish coast. The name Getares is very old; it seems to come from an area where salted fish was prepared in Roman times and which was called Caetaria. From this toponym it evolved to Cetares and later to Xetares. The northern area (or San García area, which is named after the cape or point) is about eight hundred metres long and is a wilder beach, with fine pebbles.

Parks in the surroundings

On the other side of the river Pícaro is the Getares area, the actual beach, which is sandy and about 1,600 metres long. This area is crossed by a pleasant promenade. On the other hand, there is also an attractive fluvial park recently built on both banks of the river, of which the aforementioned Pícaro forms part. If after our day of sun and beach we feel like going on an excursion, in addition to this park it is also possible to go to a place of interest located in Punta de San García: the Algeciras Centenary Park.

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