The beach of gandia in the community of valencia

Gandía is one of the most visited places every summer by both local and foreign tourists; and it is not surprising, because its beaches offer an excellent natural quality and its surroundings, an unbeatable holiday environment for families and people of all ages.

Gandía beach (or Playa del Norte) is located in the centre of La Safor, in the Valencian Community, and stretches for more than three kilometres of golden sandy coastline and clear, clean waters that have been recognised for years with the ‘Blue Flag’, the ‘Q’ for quality or the ISO 14.001- 9001 EMAS standards of the European Union.

In the surrounding village you will find everything you need, as the leisure and service offer in the area is unequalled: hundreds of places to stay (hotels, hostels, flats, campsites, etc.), lots of bars, ice-cream parlours and restaurants, supermarkets and shops.

In addition to a fun family holiday, the area is also very good for those who want to spend a few days of fun enjoying the nightlife of the area or water sports, which makes Gandía beach a place suitable for all types of public. However, it is perhaps not too advisable for those who are looking for an exclusive place for a quiet holiday, as the activity is incessant during the summer months.

The coastline of the municipality of Gandía has other beaches with a similar but different offer to this one: the beach of l’Ahuir is a more isolated and less urban place, although it also has a good range of services, while the beach of Rafalcait is a much quieter semi-urban beach.

With all of these, the coast of Gandía stretches for more than five and a half kilometres from the port to the neighbouring community of Xeraco.

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