The beach of costacabana in almeria

Costacabana Almeria
Although on this website we love to show you beaches from all corners of the world, what we like to do most is to tell you about the Spanish coastline, which offers beaches and coves to suit all tastes. For example, among the many sandy beaches of Almeria we find Costacabana, a beach flanked by the Rambla del Charco and the Perdigal beach.

If you would like to find out more about this part of the coastline of Almería, then pay close attention to what we are going to tell you next!

A tremendous deterioration

Costacabana is about 1,200 metres long and is much frequented by the residents of the urbanisation that gives its name to this peculiar beach formed by stretches of rocks and sandstone and a promenade. The problem is that in recent times it has suffered tremendous deterioration. Fortunately, a few months ago work began to improve this part of the Almeria coastline.

Costacabana Almeria

Because of the storms

The beach of Costacabana is one of the beaches that suffered most from the consequences of the storms that took place in January, February and March of this year. Bearing in mind that this neighbourhood is so important for the tourist sector in Almería, it is not surprising that the authorities wanted to put an emergency plan in place.

Up to 6 breakwaters

Although the Costacabana beach remodelling project is not finished, some areas of the coastline have been opened to the public, so local residents can now enjoy the coastline. When the works are finished, the beach will have five breakwaters of about 125 metres in length and another curved breakwater of 135 metres. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this beach located in Almería, don’t miss it!

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