The asturian beach of andrin

Although it is not very big, only 250 metres long, it is one of the most spectacular beaches in Asturias, and there are plenty of them. In addition to its breathtakingly beautiful scenery, Andrín beach is brimming with naturalness and a touch of wilderness that makes it very attractive.

It is 5 kilometres from the tourist town of Llanes, in the central-eastern part of the council, and one kilometre from the village of Andrín. In fact, to get to the beach you have to cross the village and continue along a tarmac road that leads to the car park. As the surroundings are so beautiful, walking down to the beach is a real luxury.

Crystal clear waters

With fine white sand, the beach of Andrín is shaped like a shell. It is sheltered from the winds, partly by a large rocky islet, making it a very suitable beach for swimming. Furthermore, it has no deep gradients, covering around a metre and a half, and there are no sharp depressions either. Its waters are extraordinarily clean. A curious fact about the beach of Andrín: some scenes from the film “El Orfanato” (The Orphanage) were filmed there. (2007).

Although it is not a dangerous beach, we must always be alert, and we must not lose respect for the sea. On a beach, and all the more so in the Cantabrian Sea, it is important to always follow the appropriate safety measures.

One of the attractions of Andrín beach is that, unlike other beaches in Llanes, it is not too crowded, even in the middle of summer, so you can enjoy it without stress. Nearby there is a beach bar where you can eat very well.

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