The paradisiacal beach of san martino in the cies islands

Although many people look for paradisiacal places outside our borders, the truth is that Spain hides truly beautiful spots that other countries in the world would love to have. The Cíes Islands are undoubtedly one of the paradises to be found here. In fact, this archipelago has managed to conquer the list of the ten best beaches in the world by the British newspaper “The Guardian” and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Galicia.

The archipelago is made up of a series of islets and three major islands: Monteagudo or North, Faro and San Martiño or South. On the latter is a magical little corner that we want to talk about today and that is sure to leave you speechless, the beach of San Martiño, an open, windy, white sandy shell with calm waters in an unspoilt environment.
The South Island is triangular in shape and is separated from the coast by a strait known as Freu da Porta. It faces northeast and has an abrupt relief, with cliffs of considerable height all around its perimeter, with the exception of the inlet where a dune system originates. Although the number of visitors is not very high, the anchoring of boats is frequent.

Unfortunately, this beach can only be reached by private boat, as it is located on the South Island, which is not accessible by regular boat. This beach, like Figueiras, is also a nudist beach.

What do you think of this beautiful place? Will you include Galicia and the Cíes Islands as a possible destination for your next holiday? Of course, it is a magnificent option for enjoying nature, the sun and the beach surrounded by an unspoilt environment.

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