The nudist race of the beach of sopelana

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this event, but the truth is that every year it raises a lot of interest during the summer. It is the popular Sopelana Nudist Race – Patxi Ros Trophy, now in its thirteenth year and held every year on the beach of Barinatxe (Vizcaya), better known as “La Salvaje”.

The beach is located in the town of Sopelana and forms an attractive pair with another sandy area to the left of it. They are two beautiful beaches that during the summer are full of sun, sea and surf lovers, with one characteristic that sets them apart: La Salvaje (or rather, part of it) is a nudist beach where the tradition of running as we came into the world is becoming more and more popular during the summer.

International athletes

The Nudist Race is always held at the end of September, on a Saturday, starting at eleven o’clock in the morning. At first it was an event for friends, promoted by Patxi Ros, after whom the race is named. Little by little the interest grew to the point of attracting international athletes. Even so, there are still many fans of nudism who take part in this particular event in a fun atmosphere. This race is one of the most veteran and consolidated naturist sporting events in our country.

For all ages

What does this test consist of? Well, you can imagine: running naked on the beach. The course is 5000 metres long (2500 for the children’s category), and fortunately it is done at low tide, when the wet sand is hard. There is also an option for veterans over 40 years old, and of course, women’s, men’s and mixed categories. Since last year’s edition, Patxi Ros has once again taken charge of its organisation after the dissolution of the Euskal Naturista Elkartea association, which organised it in previous editions.

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