The most hidden cove of the costa dorada

With the success of the article we published about the most hidden cove on the Costa Brava, it was logical that sooner or later we would publish an article about the most hidden cove on the Costa Dorada, which is the one that bathes the coastline of the province of Tarragona.

The chosen one is Cala Fonda, although it is also known as Waikiki. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Catalonia, but it is also one of the most demanding for visitors, as it cannot be reached by car and lacks services.

You can arrive from the south or from the north

To get to Cala Fonda do not rely on your GPS, as it is very likely to take you in the wrong direction. The best way is to head north from Platja Llarga until you reach Bosc de la Marquesa. You will have to cross it until you see the sea. You can also get there from Platja de la Móra heading south (I recommend you park near the Torre de la Mora campsite).

Nudist by nature

When you approach the shore, don’t be surprised to see people practising nudism, as it is quite common in these parts. However, nudists usually stand on one side of the beach and people who prefer to wear swimming costumes stand on the other side.


Come well-equipped!

It won’t take you long to enjoy nature on this unspoilt beach located just over 6 kilometres from Tarragona. You’ll realise it’s worth the effort and you won’t leave unless you’re hungry or thirsty and don’t have anything with you, as there isn’t a single beach bar to get your strength back.

A small cove

Cala Fonda has a length of about 200 metres and a width of about 30 metres. The sand is fine-grained and its waters are crystal clear, which is not surprising considering that it is sheltered by forests and cliffs, far from the pollution of the big city.

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