The cove of el portet in alicante

Those looking for peace and quiet and a place to unwind should spend a few days in the coastal town of Moraira in Alicante. Here you’ll find a village of beautiful white houses less than three storeys high, a family atmosphere and a great beach where you can spend long days in the sun or playing games with your children.

If you visit it, don’t expect any more than this, one of those places that will make you remember your childhood holidays and that seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth… And yet there it is, waiting for you with its warm crescent-shaped coastline and golden sand toasted by the sun.

You’ll love spending a few days on the beach of El Portet, where you can enjoy clean, deep blue waters for swimming or snorkelling, as well as playing with your children on the calm and long seashore, from which you won’t lose footing until 20 metres out.

However, this tiny cove, just 350 metres long, is not as intimate as we would like it to be in summer, as every year many tourists (especially Germans and English) come to its small area in search of the best Mediterranean environment… Yes, you may have to get up before them to place your towel on the front line!

In fact, the urban exploitation caused by the high tourist demand is trying to have its way on this beach, something that the locals are fighting to preserve: an identity of its own far from tourism.

In spite of everything, this beach on the Costa Blanca, in the Valencian Community, is definitely worth a visit. Even so, if after a few days you feel like a change of scenery, don’t worry, because you are so close to the marina of Moraira that you can take the odd short break.

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