Es trenc the best nudist beach in mallorca

I can tell you first hand about Es Trenc beach, one of the best nudist beaches in Mallorca, although it is also true that we can find people wearing bikinis and swimming costumes, it is normal. It is located in a privileged spot, which is why it has been declared a protected area. Fortunately, it has been able to avoid the tourist overcrowding and continues to stand out for its special charm, greatly influenced by its crystalline waters and the fine white sand that presides over it.

In total it has a little more than four kilometres of coastline that is home to more than 170 species of birds that seem to pass by all the time to appreciate its beauty. Its name, of Catalan origin, means crack or rupture, and is more than justified by the two underground springs that were found at different temperatures in 1827, the year in which the name by which the whole world knows it was adopted.

Its gentle slope and clear waters (some of the clearest I have ever seen) make it irresistible to everyone. Nudism moves from the sand to the water while some people enjoy a refreshing drink in the crowded beach bars around. Umbrellas, sunbeds… there’s no shortage of everything. All you have to do is bring mats, paddles to play tennis and a desire, which you’re sure to have plenty of when you get there.

Parking is not easy, especially near the beach. If you are unlucky, which is most likely to be the case in busy times like July and August, you will have to walk by force. However, it won’t be too much of a punishment considering that the vegetation that surrounds it is unique, which is why it is a natural area protected by the Law of Natural Spaces of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands.

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