El cotillo a fishing village in fuerteventura with beautiful beaches

El Cotillo1
El Cotillo is a small fishing village in the northeast of Fuerteventura that is set to become one of the most popular tourist resorts on the island thanks to its stunning beaches and the beautiful lagoons that can be found there.

The beaches of this small town are an obligatory place of pilgrimage for surf lovers, although you can also find beaches ideal for families, with pools that resemble natural swimming pools made especially for the enjoyment of visitors. Would you like to know more details about this beautiful place located in Fuerteventura? Then stay tuned!

La Concha

Among all the magnificent beaches of El Cotillo we would like to highlight the beach of La Concha, which has very fine white sand and very little waves, as it is protected by a natural reef very rich in species. This beach is about 220 metres long and at its left end it is naturally joined by a series of beaches and small coves known as “Los Lagos”. It is also an ideal place for scuba diving due to the richness of its seabed.

El Cotillo5

One of the best beaches in Spain

El Cotillo is among the top ten beaches in Spain according to users of the travel website TripAdvisor, which has just published its Travellers’ Choice Awards Beaches. And it is not the only beach in the Canary Islands to appear in the ranking. Las Canteras, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and Cofete, also in Fuerteventura, have been considered among the best in Spain.

The island’s most seaside spot

Along with Corralejo, El Cotillo is Fuerteventura’s most seaside spot. And if you visit the town, don’t forget that in the port you can taste the island’s good fish.

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