El charco azul a beautiful natural swimming pool in el hierro

It is clear to us that in the Caribbean we find some of the best beaches in the world, such as Grace Bay, on Providenciales Island, but we also know that our country hides wonderful spots that have nothing to envy from other parts of the planet. For example, the Canary Islands are a true paradise for nature lovers.

On the island of El Hierro, for example, you will find Charco Azul, a unique beach that is home to a fantastic natural pool formed by the waves of the sea, something that can be seen in very few places in Europe. Will you join us to discover this beautiful spot?

A spectacular landscape

The Charco Azul has two natural pools where you can swim safely. But apart from being able to have a good swim, the spectacular nature of this place lies in its scenery. Moreover, part of the pool forms a small cavity, ideal for protection from the sun and wind.

Its name comes from its turquoise blue colour, although you can also enjoy a setting dominated by the lava flows that are characteristic of the Herreña coast.

Fit for visitors

Charco Azul is equipped for visitors, with seafront protection and stairs to facilitate access, as you have to go down to sea level from the coast, which can take about 20 minutes. The best thing is that as it is a public space, it is totally free and open to the public. In the surrounding area you will find public toilets, a bar-restaurant and beach umbrellas.

You should bear in mind that in the Canary Islands there is more than one place known by this name, although the one we are talking about today is located in the municipality of La Frontera, and more specifically in the neighbourhood of Los Llanillos.

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