El cabo a secluded beach in san vicente de la barquera

The beaches of northern Spain are some of the most popular with water sports enthusiasts, thanks to their perfect waves for surfing and bodyboarding, for example. For them, any time of year is the perfect time to take a dip on beaches such as those of San Vicente de la Barquera, in Cantabria.

However, if you are not in this group, the best thing to do is to go to the beach of El Cabo or Guerra during the summer months, when the waves are milder and the weather, of course, much more appetising.

This is a place to enjoy the beach exclusively, as it has little more than a few litter bins, a Red Cross post and the appropriate life-saving signs. So if you are looking for an atmospheric place full of bars, restaurants, shops and beach bars, it is best to forget about this one and visit other Cantabrian beaches such as those in Santander.

However, exchanging this marvel for other beaches with these services (which you can enjoy at any other time) would be a shame, I would even say a waste: El Cabo is perfect for relaxing on the sand, for playing with your children on the long, safe shore or for practising sports taking advantage of the excellent waves offered by the strong Cantabrian Sea storm.

For all this you can enjoy a secluded spot with more than 900 metres long and 20 metres wide of golden sand where you will certainly not lack a place to put your towel.

If you want to escape from the mass tourism and find a more special place, don’t hesitate to visit El Cabo, even if it’s just for a day.

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