Hidden coves on the costa brava that you can visit by boat

Looking forward to a summer holiday on the Costa Brava? It’s only natural! It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, which perhaps explains why every year it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists from countries such as France, England, Germany and Russia.

One of its main charms, of course, are the beaches and coves that invite us to enjoy the good weather and nature of this area in the north-east of Catalonia. To do so, there is nothing better than to consider the possibility of renting a catamaran on the Costa Brava or a boat to sail with the family.

Cala Jugadora

There is something special about this hidden cove that made two geniuses of the stature of Salvador Dalí and Josep Pla take notice of it. Of course, to get there to contemplate the beauty of the landscape you have to go down a stream for about 30 minutes, very close to the Cap de Creus lighthouse. That’s if you walk, because you can also go by boat and enjoy nature from its crystal-clear waters.

Estreta Cove

It is a cove where very few people go because of the difficulty of getting there. In summer you can’t get there by car or motorbike, which is why those interested have to walk for 45 minutes to get to the shore. That is if you don’t decide to go by boat, of course, as you can easily get there by boat along the coast. It is, like many other coves on the Costa Brava, a cove where nudism is practised.


Morisca Cove

Cala Morisca could not be missing in this compilation. To get there you have to start from the Cala Canyelles housing development in Lloret, walking along the GR-92. There are stairs and tunnels that connect with the bay, and this can be explained by going back to the 20th century, when the Corsican smuggler and trafficker Jean Antoine Canavaggio used this idyllic enclave to move his merchandise. Today it is nothing more than a true story that you can imagine lying on the shore breathing in the tranquillity.

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