Cala llombards an incredible natural swimming pool in mallorca

Cala Llombards
In the southeast of Mallorca, some 7 kilometres from the municipality of Santanyí, you can enjoy one of the most special spots on the island. Cala Llombards, located in a residential area of the same name, is a kind of 90-metre pool that does not leave bathers indifferent.

It occupies the mouth of the Son Morlà torrent and is a highly recommended option for those looking for some peace and quiet, although it is true that it tends to fill up in July and August.

A natural and relaxing environment

Those who go through the pine forest that surrounds it to step on its unmistakable white sand without flip-flops are exposed to spectacular scenery. The cliffs on both sides are high and rugged, and there are those who take advantage of this to give free rein to their madness by jumping from several metres high.

The water is green to turquoise. It invites you to swim with the family against a very attractive backdrop eroded by time. However, what most attracts our attention is As Pontàs, a viewpoint in the shape of a rocky arch that looks like a bridge that came out of the sea. It attracts a lot of attention, as do the dry docks that shelter several boats dug by the fishermen of the area a long time ago.

Cala Llombards 2

Many services and easy access by car

Finally, there are no restaurants in the area. There are showers, toilets, lifeguard and free parking. Cala Llombards is also very easy to reach by road. Just take the Santanyí exit to Ses Salines and turn left (it is well signposted). A car can reach the car park without any problems, but a bus cannot reach it, so there are no excursions to take you there unless you take a boat from Port de Cala Figuera, which is 2.4 nautical miles away and is the closest port facility.

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