The beach of the oil cove in conil de la frontera

In Conil de la Frontera you will find one of the most beautiful spots in the province of Cadiz. It is called Cala del Aceite and is next to a lighthouse, in the fishing port of the Andalusian town.

It is 300 metres long and 25 metres wide, enough to make it a semi-urban beach that is usually full in the summer months. It has no promenade, its waters are crystal clear and its sand is fine and golden. It is about 4 kilometres from the centre.

Wind is not a problem

It is advisable to visit it with the family because the waves are usually respectful of swimmers. Some cliffs protect it from the wind, which is why it is usually very pleasant to spend a whole day there. It should not be forgotten that in Cadiz the beaches are often shaken by the wind.

It is crescent-shaped and faces southwest. It is likely to be full of seaweed when you go, so bear this in mind to avoid disappointment. What works in its favour (or maybe not) is that there is not a single shadow, so you can take advantage of any corner to sunbathe.



It can be accessed via stairs or a ramp. Before that, you can leave your car in a car park that is protected by a pine grove, which blocks the sun’s rays depending on the space you are able to find. It offers between 50 and 100 parking spaces.

Beach bar and other services

There is also a beach bar that doesn’t have a very good press from what I’ve read in some forums. They say it’s expensive and that the food is not very good, something I’ll have to check out for myself the next time I go.

In this beautiful cove there are showers, toilets and litter bins to keep it as clean as when you start the day.

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