Cala cortina one of the most beautiful coves on the warm coast of ibiza

In the 250 kilometres of coastline belonging to the Region of Murcia it is very easy to find dream beaches. One of them is Cala Cortina, a magical spot that is well worth a visit to enjoy the good weather and take a refreshing dip with the Blue Flag in the background.

It is in the city of Cartagena, in the neighbourhood of Santa Lucía, a short distance from the port, which is the one you have to walk along through a tunnel to reach the cove. It’s a road that flies by, as you pass through a beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains and cliffs. In fact, the views are so beautiful that you can even go to a viewpoint where those who decide to go to Cala Cortina by car park.

No lack of services such as hammocks

It is not a typical urban cove, but almost, as it has a promenade and is only five minutes away from the city centre. The sand is artificial, the waters are crystal clear and there is no shortage of services such as sun loungers and parasols. In addition, there is also a restaurant (Restaurante Mares Bravas) and an area designed for the little ones, so it is perfect for families.

The rocky part of the cove, which is at both ends, is ideal for fishing and diving. In fact, anyone can be prepared to see fish of various species without difficulty with a snorkel.


The crime of Cala Cortina

It must be said that Cala Cortina has been famous since 2014 for a sad event. There they found the lifeless body of Diego Pérez, a citizen of Cartagena who they say died because of six agents of the National Police Corps. In fact, five of them accepted five years in prison in 2017 for illegal detention and reckless homicide (the other died in prison in 2015).

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