Buelna a family beach in llanes

playa de Buelna 2
Opting for Asturias as a holiday destination is a great idea. You can visit spectacular villages, soak up all its nature and enjoy its varied gastronomy. In fact, although it may not seem like it as it is a rather cold region in the north of Spain, there are also beaches that invite you to sample the clean waters.

One of them is Buelna beach, located in the beautiful town of Llanes. Those who have been there know that it is a perfect place to have a good time with the family. An ideal place to disconnect and give free rein to the imagination.


It is a small natural cove in the shape of a channel that mesmerises you from minute one. It is easily accessible by leaving your car in a car park (there are not many parking spaces), although it is also possible to reach it on foot via a walking or cycling route. If you travel by car, you must go along a farm track that starts in Buelna and is quite narrow, which makes it difficult to drive if you come across another vehicle in front of you.

playa de Buelna

Its famous pinnacle

Depending on the state of the tides, in Buelna you can go from 50 to 1,000 metres out to sea. The fine white sand of the shore merges with the rocks that surround its entrance. The best known of all is a curious limestone pinnacle that has been christened El Picón.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although you can have a great time with the family, you should be aware that Buelna beach is not equipped with facilities and is usually very crowded in high season (especially at weekends). These are the only two drawbacks, because it is a very safe and attractive beach for bathing.

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