As illas a beautiful beach in galicia

As Illas Ribadeo1
What do you think if we finish the week getting to know a beautiful Spanish beach? This time we go to Ribadeo, Lugo, where you will find As Illas beach, also known as Cabalar.

With fine white sand, this beautiful Galician beach has a series of islets that make it extremely attractive. At low tide you can also walk to the next beach, Os Castros, which is also very beautiful. Would you like to know more about As Illas beach? Then don’t miss out on what we tell you below! We assure you that you’ll love it!

Peculiar islets and rock formations

If there is one thing that makes As Illas beach stand out, it is its islets and rock formations, which are quite peculiar. In addition, as we have just mentioned, you should bear in mind that during low tide you can reach the beach of Os Castros, as well as visit the caves formed by the force of the sea in the cliff. Many locals prefer the latter beach when sunbathing on the sand.

As Illas Ribadeo2

A beautiful blue-green sea

Apart from its rocky formations, As Illas stands out for its clean, blue-green sea that invites you to take a dip. Be warned, however, that the waters in this part of the country are not exactly warm.

An emblematic spot in Ribadeo

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most emblematic places in Ribadeo, with the permission of the spectacular beach of As Catedrais. Below is our gallery, where you will find more images of the beach of As Illas, which, as we have mentioned, is connected to the beach of Os Castros. Don’t miss it!

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