As furnas a galician beach where you can enjoy natural swimming pools

As Furnas Galicia
After telling you about Tintipán, a beautiful island in Colombia, today we return to Spain to discover one of the marvellous beaches hidden in the north of the peninsula. Specifically, today we are in Galicia to discover As Furnas, a beautiful sandy beach located in Porto do Son (Puerto del Son), a municipality in La Coruña.

As we will tell you in more detail below, this is an impressive semi-wild beach that, despite being surrounded by an unspoilt environment, offers all the services that bathers need. Would you like to find out more about it? Well, you just have to join us!

Wild aspect

As you can see for yourself in the images we show you in our gallery, As Furnas is a wild-looking beach with white sands and a moderate swell, ideal for surf lovers. In fact, it is quite a popular spot for surfing enthusiasts.

As Furnas Galicia1

Rocky areas

What we like most about the beach is that in the rocky areas natural channels and pools are formed when the tide goes out. These are beautiful spots where it is worth taking a dip.

The beach where Ramón Sampedro was left quadriplegic

This beach is known for being the place where Ramón Sampedro became a quadriplegic when he dived headfirst into the water from a rock one day when he was under the sea. As you know, this Galician is known for having demanded for years the right to euthanasia. Right on the spot where he fell there is a plaque commemorating the event and a bust of Sampedro very close to the spot. As it could not be otherwise, Alejandro Amenábar chose As Furnas to film the beach scenes of the movie “Mar Adentro”. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this beautiful beach in Galicia. Don’t miss it!

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