Crystal clear waters at figueiras beach in vigo

You don’t need to travel to the Caribbean or head for Thailand or Oceania to find beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters. Spain is home to some of the best beaches in the world, and this website has set out to show you some of them. We have already told you about many of them, but few can match the beauty of Figueiras, in the Cíes Islands (Vigo).

Included in the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands, Figueiras, with white sand and surrounded by vegetation, has come to be considered the best in the world. Also known as Playa de los Alemanes, it is 300 metres long and 50 metres wide and is the ideal place to enjoy a day of relaxation and peace.
Figueiras is the nudist beach of the Cíes Islands, although you will find many bathers wearing clothes. Most of the naturists are at the ends. The cool breeze, soft sand and incredibly clear sea water will make you feel like you’re on one of the best beaches you’ve ever been to. However, it does have one small downside: the water is really cold. A real shame considering the beautiful scenery all around.

To get to Figueiras you need to take a boat from Vigo or Cangas, at least if you do it by public transport, as the other options are to go or rent your own boat. There are two companies with a long timetable that make it easy to visit this place. We recommend that you take a cooler and food for the day, or at least water, as there is only one bar in the harbour when you reach the Isas Cíes. There are no showers, toilets or litter bins.

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