The best beaches of platja daro

Despite being the smallest island of the Balearic Islands, Formentera is visited by millions of tourists every year, something that does not surprise us at all, as this corner has a lot to offer to the traveller. The islet of S’Espalmador, which forms part of the Ses Salines Natural Park, deserves a special mention.

Located between Ibiza and Formentera, this islet is home to such beautiful spots as S’Alga, a beach known for its mud baths. Would you like to discover more details? Well, all you have to do is join us!

A beach with spectacular waters

The island of S’Espalmador is only 3 kilometres long and 800 kilometres wide. When the tide is low, it is possible to reach it on foot from Formentera via the Es Trocadors pass. Here you will find a paradisiacal coastline where it is possible to take mud baths at S’Alga beach, a corner of spectacular white waters, although it is true that it sometimes suffers from waves. The mud can be taken from the lagoon in the centre of the island. For many, this practice can improve the softness of the skin and cleanse it of impurities.


Contraindications for health

Finally, we would like to comment that although the fashion for mud baths on the islet is still in vogue, the truth is that this year the Ses Salines Natural Park has launched a campaign to inform that this practice is prohibited. In addition, they claim that these baths do not provide any benefit for the skin and may even cause contraindications, as they are stagnant waters that do not communicate with the sea. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of S’Alga beach and the island of S’Espalmador. Don’t miss it!

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