Nudist beaches in vigo

Vigo and the entire coastline of the Vigo estuary is a true paradise for any nudist. In fact, here you’ll find plenty of places where you can sunbathe and swim without clothes on.

In Vigo, the practice of nudism is almost always tolerated and respected, but for the moment it is not regulated either by local ordinances or by state laws. We have already told you on more than one occasion that nudism in Spain is not illegal. Today on this website we’d like to tell you about some of the best beaches in Vigo for nudism. Will you join us?

A Fontaiña

A-FontainaFirst of all, we would like to talk about A Fontaiña beach, also known as La Sirenita. It is a quiet sandy area sheltered from the breeze that surprises for the cleanliness of its waters and its fine white sand. It is ideal both for couples and families.

O Fortiñón

FortinonWe would also like to talk about O Fortiñón beach, a very lively sandy area. Also known as Saiáns beach, it’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Vigo. Although the waves here are guaranteed all year round, it is sheltered from the winds in summer.

Figueiras Beach

FigueirasAnother nudist beach worth visiting is Figueiras beach, which is located in the Cíes Islands. Also known as Playa de los Alemanes, this beach is surrounded by beautiful nature. It stands out for its soft sand and transparent waters.

Beach of O Baluarte

BaluarteFinally, we would like to talk about O Baluarte beach, a pleasant and discreet sandy area located just between O Vao and A Fontaiña. You can reach this peaceful spot via a walkway over the dunes.

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