Nudist beaches in gran canaria

We have already been showing you some of the best nudist beaches in Spain, Europe and the whole world… And as we love the Canary Islands, today we want to encourage the nudist public to get to know some of the naturist beaches in one of its capitals: Gran Canaria.

Some of the most popular and crowded beaches are Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés, city beaches where you will find an area for those who prefer to enjoy the beach as nature brought them into the world.
However, the truth is that it is also common to see a lot of dressed-up tourists strolling along the beaches or in the surrounding area.

If you want a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the beach to your heart’s content, you’d better look for some more secluded beaches away from the bustling coastal centre. The following are some of them:

– Farenoque: This beach of reddish sand and pebbles is located at the foot of the great Farenoque rock (1,127 metres), and has been considered one of the most beautiful on the west coast.

– Guayedra: Despite its difficult access, this beach of high cliffs is frequently visited by nudists, who find its black sand and gravel an ideal place to relax.

– Juncal: Although it is accessed by a footpath of about 800 metres, Juncal is one of the most popular nudist beaches on the island.

– Punta Gorda: A rustic and unusual landscape in which a small stretch of fine black sand stretches passively at the foot of the high cliffs that surround it.

Other nudist beaches with curious names on the island are Paso del Salgo, Caletón de los Cangrejos, La Redonda, Charco de las Palomas, Boca Barranco, Las mujeres, Montaña de arena (next to some greyish dunes), El Lomo Galeón or El Molinero or Punta Góngora, for example.

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