Nudist beaches in catalonia

playa nudista
More and more people are looking to reconnect with nature and feel a little freer by shedding those clothes that so oppress the most natural version of ourselves.

In fact, the practice of nudism or naturism is becoming more and more widespread throughout our country and the whole world, something that Catalonia joins in by offering some of its best beaches to this practice.

Take note of what we have to tell you about some of them!

8 beaches full of nature

1. Sitges: This is the paradise of freedom, the gay-friendly destination par excellence of this autonomous region and, in short, a place where you can show yourself just as you are. Here you will find isolated and uncrowded nudist beaches such as Cala Morisca (in the second picture) and Roses and other urban beaches such as Els Balmins beach, which offers a lot of services).

Cala Morisca2. Els Muntanyans beach: This beach is located in Torredembarra (Tarragona) and offers an extensive golden sandy beach with excellent conditions and a lot of facilities. However, you should bear in mind that only part of the beach is naturist.

3. Cala Roja, Pals: This naturist area is located approximately 200 metres to the left of Platja Gran, the town’s main beach.

4. Cadaqués: In the picturesque village of Dalí you will find four naturist beaches. They are Cala Fredosa (in the third picture) and Jugadora, Cala S’Alqueria, Sa Conca and Cala Nans. Take a sun lounger with you, as these beaches tend to be very pebbly.

Cala Fredosa5. Cala Tamariua, Port de la Selva: This beach in Girona is a practically virgin coastline, with soft golden sand and beautiful crystal-clear waters of excellent quality.

6. Cala Murtra, l’Empordà: Located just before Cala Monjoi, this small beach is the ideal place to relax without worrying about what people will say.

7. La Musclera, Caldetes: It is located at the end of the promenade and is a fully authorised nudist area. The parking area is in the commercial area towards Arenys de Mar.

8. Corrullada or Señor Ramón beach: This is a small undeveloped nudist beach of barely 150 metres. The cove offers a beautiful Mediterranean environment of golden sand, clear waters and tall pine trees that protect it.

Second photo credits: Isidro Jabato

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