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Besides being one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan European cities, Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most complete sun and beach destinations you can find.

However, it seems that in the big cities or in the surrounding area it is more difficult to find some beaches where nudism can be practised without being criticised by other visitors…

Don’t worry, because so that you can enjoy the beach just the way you like it, here’s a guide to the most popular nudist beaches in Barcelona province… Don’t miss them!

The 7 most popular

– La Mar Bella: This is the nudist beach par excellence in the centre of Barcelona, so you’ll find plenty of facilities, services and a wide range of leisure activities to have a great time.

La Mar Bella Barcelona– La Vinyeta: This unspoilt beach of golden sand does not exactly boast easy access (although the road runs alongside it), which is why it is not usually very crowded.

– La Roca Grossa: Although only unofficially recognised as a nudist beach, this quiet beach in Calella has a campsite and a beach bar.

La Roca Grossa– La Murtra: This small beach in Sant Pol de Mar can be reached by a stairway under the railway line of the N-II national road.

– El Molí: A beach with a rustic and wild aspect where the big rocks break incessantly on the sand of the beach.

– L’Home Mort: This beach in Sitges is considered not only as a nudist beach, but also as a gay beach. The truth is that although officially it cannot be given this category, the area is regularly visited by this type of public.

LHome Mort Sitges– La Desenrocada: This beautiful beach of Mediterranean nature is located next to the previous one, so, as in L’Home Mort, gay tourism is usually the one that goes there the most.

Other nudist beaches include La Musclara, Forti, Ponent (in Masnou) and Cala Morisca in Garraf.

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