Nudist beaches in castellon

Playa Serradal
More and more people are taking up nudism, a practice that allows you to experience an incomparable sensation of freedom. Fortunately, lovers of naturalism have fewer problems than in the past to enjoy the beach without any clothing.

On this website we have already told you about the nudist beaches that can be found in provinces such as Valencia, Alicante and Almeria, but as we want to make it even easier for you to find beaches where this practice is allowed, today we are going to focus on Castellón. Would you like to join us?

Riu Senia Beach

Playa Riu SeniaFirst of all, we would like to tell you about the Riu Senia beach, which is located in the Jardí de Sòl de Riu area. Considered to be the last beach in the province of Castellón (to the north), it offers an unspoilt and quiet area where you can enjoy nudism in a natural way. In fact, you won’t find many people here, even in the summer months. Its waters are transparent and calm, although it is also common to find moderate waves.

Serradal Beach

Playa Serradal1We would also like to tell you about the Serradal beach, which is preserved in a practically wild state. This pebble beach is located at the mouth of the San Miguel river (hence its name). In fact, one of its main characteristics is that it has a submerged delta at one end of the beach.

Arsilaga Cove

Cala ArsilagaAnother nudist beach we want to talk about is Cala Arsilaga, also known as La Cubanita. Located in the municipality of Peñíscola, it is perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle. With golden sand, but dotted with stones, this protected area lacks services and facilities, but offers an unspoilt aspect that is well worth a visit.

Three Beaches

Tres PlayasFinally, we are going to talk about Tres Playas, a group of small coves located next to the Moro beach. It is an ideal place for nudism and fishing. However, like the rest, it lacks services and facilities.

Do you want to recommend any other nudist beach in Castellón?

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