Smoke free beaches sant feliu guixols

If you are a non-smoker, you are in luck! In addition to the government’s anti-smoking law, which bans smoking in enclosed spaces, many cities have now made their beaches smoke-free, what do you think?

This summer we have told you about some of these beaches. Within our borders you can find, for example, the one in Baiona (Galicia) or the one in Mogán (Gran Canaria). In addition, some European countries have also joined the trend of banning smoking on beaches. One of the places where even penalties are imposed is the Centenaire beach in Nice (France). However, today we want to stay in Spain, specifically on the beach of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, on the Costa Brava, where the town council has made two of its beaches smoke-free this summer.
Although other cities in Spain already have smoke-free beaches, in the case of Sant Feliu they have tried to reinforce the measure, for example by distributing ashtrays on the “smoking beach”. The measure has been very well received by both locals and tourists, as it will make the beach cleaner and will be very useful for all those who are bothered by smoke.

However, what does generate some mixed reactions are the penalties for breaching the ban, as the fine for smoking in this area ranges from 50 to 300 euros. In any case, the council intends to continue with the measure next year.

In addition, the council is not satisfied with this measure, but within the project of “improving the beaches”, they intend to create a nursery for children, the installation of meeting points in case children get lost and the adaptation of a cove for access with dogs.

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