Beaches of vera in almeria

The beaches of Vera occupy an endless stretch of coastline that unfolds before us, promising moments of true beach pleasure. Moreover, if you are one of those who prefer to practise nudism, you can do so here in complete freedom. For some time now, nudist tourists have been successfully mingling with tourists in traditional dress in the area.

The beauty of the landscape, the marvellous beaches that border the coast of this part of Almería, the mild climate… All these attractions have made this area a real tourist enclave that receives visitors non-stop, especially during the summer months. This is evident in the physiognomy of the surroundings, dominated by an endless succession of hotels and housing developments, although there are areas where urban planning has been more respectful of the ecosystem, and where you will find naturist centres, such as Natsun or Vera Natura, which promote ecological tourism and are committed to the environment, as well as nudist.

To go naked or with a swimming costume

The beaches of Vera are wide, with warm, clear waters, and are located in really beautiful surroundings. One of these dream beaches is the one known as El Playazo, which is about 1,200 metres long and 50 metres wide. Its sand is dark and the waves are moderate. It is one of the least urbanised areas, although the beach tends to have a high level of occupation. Here you can practise nudism in complete freedom.

But if you prefer to go dressed, Vera offers you other very interesting beaches. Such as Las Marinas, an urban beach that stretches for 1,550 metres. It is wider than El Playazo (about 150 metres wide) and its waters are calmer. All the services are covered here, and it even has access for the disabled. Or Puerto Rey, a very long beach (it is no less than 2,300 metres long) and somewhat windy, which means that it has moderate waves.

In any of these beaches you can live your dream holidays, in a wonderful area that offers us long summers and very mild winters. So you can enjoy the sun and nature like never before.

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