Rodas beach in galicia

After telling you about Fortiñón, in Galicia, and Playa de Locos in Suances, in Cantabria, today we want to continue in the north of Spain to tell you about one of the best beaches in the world: Playa de Rodas. And we are not exaggerating! The very same British newspaper “The Guardian” has rated this Galician beach as “the best beach in the world” thanks to its crystal clear water and fine white sand.

Rodas Beach is located on the Illa do Faro, part of the Cíes Islands archipelago, in the municipality of Vigo, and is one of the main attractions of the Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terreste das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia (Maritime-Terreste das Illas Atlánticas National Park in Galicia).

Like a Caribbean beach

Rhodes Beach In fact, it could pass for a Caribbean beach were it not for the fact that instead of being surrounded by immense palm trees, we find a large forest of pine and eucalyptus trees, as the water is sufficiently turquoise and the sand sufficiently white. The beach is open, windy and with calm waters, which makes it easy to swim.

Playa de Rodas beach can be enjoyed in high season, although it is best to go out of season to enjoy this 1.2 kilometre long beach almost on your own;

A perfect crescent

The Cíes are three islands that have been declared a Natural Park since 1980 and can be reached in just one hour from Vigo, Baiona or Cangas, from June to September and on weekends when the sea permits. However, the daily number of visitors is limited to 2,200. At the time, “The Guardian” described it as “a perfect crescent of soft, pale sand protected by small dunes sheltered by a calm lake of crystal clear water”.

Looking at the photos we show you in the gallery, wouldn’t you like to be on this beautiful beach right now?

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