Punta caiman beach

Huelva is a reference point for beaches, not only nationally but also internationally. The coast of this Andalusian province combines factors such as the enormous extension of its beaches, its fantastic marshes, the care of the natural environment and an excellent climate that make Huelva an exceptional “beach” destination.

In Isla Cristina, a place full of beauty, we find a beach whose name seems to designate some exotic corner of the Caribbean. It is called Punta del Caimán and is an unforgettable place to enjoy the beach in its purest form.

Across a wooden bridge

Punta del Caimán beach is also known as Isla de la Gaviota, and to get there you have to walk over a wooden bridge. The fact that you have to walk to enjoy the beach means that many prefer more accessible beaches, and makes it a quiet place for true nature lovers. The beach covers an area of about two kilometres, approximately seventy-five metres wide, and belongs to the Parque Natural de las Marismas de Isla Cristina. It is a corner where nature is unaltered by buildings and constructions; an enclave where you can enjoy the beach as if you were in the middle of paradise.

Many beaches in one

Getting to Punta del Caimán is very easy: you access the wooden walkway from the Gran Vía de Isla Cristina. The beach is home to the mouth of the river Carreras, and is formed by numerous inlets and ledges that divide it into many sandy areas in a row. Before the arrival of tourism, the economy of the area was predominantly fishing; although today the activity has decreased, fishing is still the main livelihood of the local population, closely followed by tourism.

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