Penarronda beach in asturias

Playa de Penarronda Asturias
After a few days discovering some wonderful places outside our borders, today we return to Spain to discover one of its most beautiful beaches. Specifically, we are travelling to Asturias to discover Penarronda beach, a magical spot in the north of the country.

Considered to be one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in Asturias, Penarronda is located between Castropol and Tapia. Would you like to know more about this beautiful place? Then stay tuned to what we tell you below!

A beautiful landscape

As you can see for yourself in the images in the gallery, it is an extensive stretch of sand with a large rock in the centre and other crags and grottoes at the ends that are only visible at low tide. It is a truly beautiful landscape. It should also be noted that it has very fine sand.

Playa de Penarronda Asturias1

Much more than just a dip

On this beach you can enjoy more than just a good swim and a relaxing time on the sand. It has a picnic area, beach bars and a surf school. There is also a huge car park nearby, from where you can access the beach via wooden paths surrounded by dunes and vegetation.

Ideal for children

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that this is a great beach for children, as it is not at all dangerous and there is plenty of space for the little ones to have a great time playing in the sand.

Here we leave you with our gallery, where you will discover some beautiful pictures of Penarronda beach. Don’t miss them!

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