Beach of gulpiyuri in llanes asturias

Gulpiyuri beach, located in Llanes (Asturias), is a real relic that we have to preserve. Its location is a bit strange, because it is set back a little from the coastline, which means that it is mainly made up of quartz sand. It is a flooded doline embedded in a karstic platform, isolated from the immensity of the sea. However, it is connected to the sea through a cavern, which means that the action of the waves can be felt at all times.

Although it may not seem like it, accessing Gulpiyuri beach is very easy. You can get there via the Autovía del Cantábrico (Cantabrian motorway), leaving at Naves and taking a road towards the coast that is not too complicated to say the least. On the way there you will find a turn-off to the Playa de Gulpiyuri Natural Monument.

I sincerely recommend it to all those who travel to Asturias. It is both geologically and scenically interesting. Its peculiar situation makes it look like a saltwater pool at times. It is barely 40 metres long and is usually visited by very few people, so there is usually no problem whatsoever for bathing. There is no parking and no lifeguards, although fortunately it is not a dangerous place to go with children.

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