America beach in galicia

A holiday in Galicia guarantees tranquillity, culture, good gastronomy and above all beautiful beaches with a very northern touch.

This is the case of the beach América, located in the municipality of Nigrán… Do you want to know more about it?
It is a beautiful urban beach in the shape of a crescent, an extensive sandy area of more than 1,700 metres of fine golden sand (almost white) and clean waters that, despite their Atlantic coolness, will always make for a pleasant swim during the hot months.

Separated from Panjón by the Muíños river, this beach is well sheltered from the winds and therefore offers moderate waves, something to be grateful for on the coasts of northern Spain… It also has security services, making it a good place to visit more safely with the children.

In the area surrounding the beach you will find everything you could possibly need, from bars and restaurants to all kinds of shops. However, you can’t imagine its surroundings as the traditional crowded and bustling sun and beach tourist destinations but rather as a quiet environment where low-rise houses mix with a few hotels, all in a white colour that gives a charming appearance to the village.

Although its original name was Playa de Area Loura (‘blonde sand’), nowadays everyone knows it as Playa América since the first urbanisation in the area was built by the Indianos who had recently arrived from the Americas.

Its beachfront facilities, its perfect setting for tourism (leisure and quality services very close by) and its excellent natural quality have earned it the European Blue Flag since 1990.

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