The hidden beaches of cala san vicente in mallorca

San Vicente Mallorca
Nature, golf courses, culture, history, water sports, fun, world-class beaches and coves… These are just some of the things you can find in Majorca, the main island of the Balearic Islands, where it is undoubtedly worth spending your summer holidays.

In its 550 kilometres of coastline you can find some of the most beautiful beaches and coves, with white sands and clean, crystal-clear waters. Today we would like to tell you about one of the best spots on the island: Cala San Vicente. Would you like to discover this place with us? Well, now you know what you have to do! Don’t miss anything we’ll tell you below!

Four hidden beaches

A former fishing village, Cala de San Vicente has become an important tourist centre on the island. However, beyond its hotels, what interests us most is its coastline. Here you will find four really beautiful hidden beaches.

San Vicente Mallorca1

Ideal for snorkelling

With fine, white sand, the beaches of Cala San Vicente offer crystal-clear waters that are worth snorkelling in. In the two main beaches, which are separated by a rocky outcrop, you will find different services such as, for example, a system of flags that serves to inform you about the state of the water. However, you should bear in mind that Cala Clara is dominated by a hotel located right on the beach. Therefore, if you are looking for an isolated and unspoilt beach, this is not the best option.

Cliffs of the Tramuntana Mountains

Finally, we would like to mention that in Cala San Vicente you will be able to contemplate the majestic cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Here we leave you with our gallery, where you will find more images of this beach located in Majorca. Don’t miss it!

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