The best beaches for diving in spain

Scuba diving is an activity that not only attracts experts in scuba diving but also many other curious people who eventually want to enjoy the incredible landscape hidden under the clear Mediterranean waters. Moreover, it is an activity that allows you to be in contact with the ocean all year round and not only in the summer months, when the crowded beaches and the sea do not allow you to enjoy a 100% natural environment all to yourself.

If you love diving or if you have decided to do it for the first time, take note of the best Spanish beaches for this sport.

A very good option are some of the beaches along the Catalan coast: the Costa Brava offers places like the Medes Islands, seven small islets in l’Estartit that preserve underwater nature as a great treasure and therefore enjoy an incredible variety of plant and animal species.

On the Costa Brava itself, Cadaqués (Dalí’s village) also offers an incredible seabed, where thousands of different species coexist among the rocks that characterise the area.

In Murcia you can enjoy the perfect conservation of marine flora and fauna in the Islas Hormigas, with the most Mediterranean variety of fish: groupers, corvinas, octopuses, damsels or castanets. The high ecological value of Cabo de Palos makes it a place worth visiting, although Cabo Tiñoso is also perfect if you also want to go through underwater caves and tunnels.

Cabo de Gata in Almeria has perfect visibility underwater, which will allow you to perfectly analyse everything the underwater depths have to offer. In addition, close to the area you will also be able to observe a merchant ship that has been sunk for over a hundred years.

The Canary Islands are another excellent option for scuba diving, with crystal-clear waters that will allow you to observe the wide diversity of species that are somewhat different from those of the mainland due to their proximity to Africa. The island of El Hierro, specifically, has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, so it offers perfect places to practice the sport.

If you live a little far from the beaches we suggest, you can certainly find many others nearby, or you can take a flight to one of these destinations, which in seasons with cold weather like this one will have quite affordable prices.

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