The best beaches in gijon

If you’re lucky enough to visit Gijón, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit one of its best beaches. They have nothing to do with those of the Mediterranean. We are not talking about beaches with crystal clear waters that resemble those of the Caribbean. Not even the greenery is not the same in a city that tends to be quite cold all year round. However, we can find three fantastic urban beaches that may surprise you a lot. Take note!

Poniente Beach

This artificial beach was created in the mid-1990s. The sand was transported from the Sahara to Gijón to make it a reality. For this reason, and as an anecdote, I have to tell you that during the first year the sand came with a prize. Several scorpions surprised the bathers and the city council was forced to close it to the public for a season. What a mess…

This problem aside, it should be noted that it is approximately 500 metres long. It occupies 60,000 square metres at high tide and 140,000 square metres at low tide. It is in the western part of the city, in the Poniente neighbourhood, right next to the marina. It is usually full of people in summer and is easy to access.

San Lorenzo Beach

This is the most famous beach in Gijón and the largest with 3,300 metres of shoreline. It has a sandy area conditioned by the tides that occupies 40,000 square metres at high tide and 240,000 square metres at low tide.

A beautiful promenade runs parallel to the shore. It is divided into four clearly differentiated areas: La Cantábrica, La Escalerona, La Zona Centro and Piles. You can play football and volleyball and there is no problem for water sports such as surfing, sea kayaking or windsurfing.

Arbeyal Beach

It is also located in the western part of the city, between the neighbourhoods of El Natahoyo and La Calzada. Its 500 metres of golden sand are an irresistible attraction for any tourist strolling in swimming costumes. It recovered its original appearance in 1995 after being marginalised by the industrial boom. Nowadays the factories are still there, but it is also surrounded by green areas that improve its image considerably.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that all three beaches have a lifeguard service and can boast the Q for tourist quality.

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