The medas islands an underwater treasure in the mediterranean sea

One more day we continue to show you some of the most beautiful corners of Spain. We love the Costa Brava so much that we didn’t want to move from there, so we have moved from El Golfet cove, in Calella de Palafrugell, to Torroella de Montgrí – L’Estartit, the municipality to which the Medes Islands belong, an archipelago of 7 islands with rocky seabeds, underwater caves and posidonia meadows.

Located one mile off the coast, such is the biodiversity surrounding the islands of Meda Gran, Meda Petita, Medellot or la Bota, Carall Bernat, the Ferrenelles, the Tascons Grossos and the Tascons Petitsm, that their ecosystem is protected as a Marine Reserve. Would you like to know a little more about this archipelago?

Ideal for diving

This small archipelago is home to a large number of species and corals, creating a unique ornithological environment of incalculable value. Its proximity to the River Ter favours the seabed and attracts numerous researchers and divers, making this marine reserve one of the most important in the Mediterranean, as well as one of the best places on the peninsula for scuba diving. In fact, 1350 animal and plant species have been catalogued to date, including red coral, corvallus, bedeo, grouper and lobster.


In addition to the beauty to be found under the sea, the Medes Islands offer a mysterious landscape. The harsh environmental conditions (winds, salinity and little water) prevent the Medes Islands from developing a dense stratum of trees, so sea fennel, immortelle, tree mallow, thistle and saltwort make up the majority of the vegetation.


In addition to scuba diving, sailing by boat to the Medes is another star activity on this coast. There are several boats that offer this service, but the best known are the Nautilus catamarans, which have windows installed below the waterline that allow you to observe the seabed.

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