The 5 best beaches of lugo

As Catedrais
Known as the Mariña lucense, the coast of Lugo offers more than 60 kilometres of magical corners where, of course, you can find spectacular beaches. Yes, the water temperature is not as warm as that of the Mediterranean and the hot days are not as abundant as we would like, but the truth is that thanks to the climate of this area of the peninsula, the place has not been degraded by tourist exploitation.

Today on this website we are taking you to this Galician province to discover some of its best beaches. Would you like to join us?

Beach of the Cathedrals

As Catedrais1It goes without saying that we must begin by talking about Playa de las Catedrales, considered one of the best beaches on the planet. It is located in the municipality of Ribadeo and is surprising for the large cliffs that surround it.

Arealonga Beach

ArealongaWe would also like to tell you about Arealonga beach, an extensive stretch of fine white sand that offers marvellous views of the estuary. As a backdrop, the beach has a wooded area and a promenade. It is located in the municipality of Vicedo.

San Román beach

San RomanAlso in the council of Vicedo we find the beach of San Román, a semi-urban sandy area with a promenade. It is made up of white sand and has moderate waves. Moreover, its dune system is very well preserved.

Beach of Os Castros

Os CastrosA beach that could not be missing from the list is Os Castros, which is located in the municipality of Ribadeo. With fine, white sands, the beach offers cold and rather rough waters, which is why so many surf lovers flock here.

Esteiro Beach

EsteiroFinally, we would like to talk about Esteiro beach which, like the previous one, is also located in Ribadeo. It is a beach of white sand and crystal-clear waters in the shape of an inlet.

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