Top 10 best beaches in europe

Although whenever we are asked about a paradisiacal destination, places like Bora Bora, the Seychelles or Hawaii come to mind, the truth is that in Europe there are real jewels of nature that we should explore before getting on a plane for a journey of more than 10 hours.

Some of these jewels are beach-shaped, and they are as spectacular as the ones I have decided to compile in this article. They may not be the 10 best in Europe, but if they are not, they are not far from it.

1- Ses Illetes (Formentera, Spain)

Ses-IlletesIt could not be missing from this list. I am devoted to what for me is one of the best beaches in the world by far. It is true that the surrounding landscape is not as magical as those of the Caribbean, but its waters are so crystal clear and its sand is so fine that it is impossible not to want to spend a whole day there. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why Formentera receives more and more tourists every year.

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2- La Pelosa (Sardinia, Italy)

La-PelosaIt is worth going to the northwest of the island to enjoy La Pelosa, a beach where you have to go very early to lay your towel without any problems. Not only will you be amazed by the water and the sand, but you’ll also be surprised to see the tower just in front of it, which you can swim to without any problems.

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3- Elafonisi (Crete, Greece)

ElafonisiNo wonder it is the most popular beach in Crete, an island that already has incredible beaches. Pink sand, turquoise waters and the beauty of a protected area full of dunes. You will be surprised by the warmth of its waters.

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4- Galapinhos (Setúbal, Portugal)

GalapinhosIn 2017 it was chosen as the best beach in Europe by European Best Destinations. The truth is that I’m not surprised, as it is in a privileged location, somewhat hidden and away from the big city. Moreover, the cleanliness of its waters and the tranquillity you can breathe will also captivate you.

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5- Zlatni Rat (Croatia)

Zlatni-RatCroatia has some beautiful beaches, and the best of them all is probably Zlatni Rat. From a drone’s eye view you realise that it’s not a conventional beach. It has a peculiar point shape and that makes it difficult to lay your towel close to the shore, as it is not very wide in terms of width. It should be noted that this shape can change depending on the wind, tides and currents.

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6- Navagio (Greece)

NavagioThe aerial photo of this beach is like something out of a film, as it is surrounded by a spectacular cliff. What’s more, not only will you fix your eyes on its turquoise waters, but you’ll also be struck by the shipwreck resting on the sand (hence the name Navagio, which means Shipwreck in Greek). The beach is as beautiful as it is inaccessible on the island of Zakynthos. To get there you will have to hire an excursion or go on your own in a boat.

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7- Santa Giulia (Corsica, France)

Santa-GiuliaIt lies south of Porto-Vecchio and is well worth a visit. It is surrounded by pine trees and its crystal-clear waters invite you to swim. Besides, it is not usually a beach that gets too crowded, so you can take it easy and enjoy a morning of relaxation.

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8- Macarelleta Cove (Menorca, Spain)

Cala-MacarelletaThis other Spanish beach could not be missing from the list. Cala Macarelleta is a must-visit if you travel to Menorca, although it is true that getting there is not easy if you go with small children (there is a car park 5 minutes away and another 15 minutes away). The shape of the cove is beautiful, while its waters will make you fall in love with it from the very first moment.

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9- Palombaggia (Córcega, France)

PalombaggiaThis other Corsican beach is also south of Porto-Vecchio. Its waters are amazing, among the best in Europe without a doubt. Moreover, you will see that there are stones more typical of a Seychelles beach than of a European beach. It’s perfect for snorkelling.

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10- Fig Tree Bay (Cyprus)

Fig-Tree-BayCypriots can also boast a beach. Here it is possible to take a dip in the best possible conditions, enjoying the cleanest water possible with the possibility of water activities for little money.

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