The rustic beach of pintens

The Galician town of Cangas de Morrazo, located in Pontevedra, is famous for the beauty of its coastline and beaches. There are plenty of places to relax while contemplating the sea in this rugged region, and the beaches are of all kinds: family beaches, hidden beaches, surfing beaches… Today I am going to tell you about one of the most beautiful: Pinténs beach, a place that also has magnificent views over the nearby harbour.

This beautiful and secluded beach is located next to the beach of San Xián, and to reach it you have to go from the town of Pintèns, which gives it its name.

White sand

The sand on Pinténs beach is white, very white, and the contrast with the deep sea creates images as beautiful as the one that opens this post. Its waters, moreover, are very calm, in contrast to other Galician beaches where the fierceness of the Atlantic is demonstrated in impressive scenery. The estuary in which this beautiful spot is located is the Ría de Aldán, located to the south of Pontevedra; moreover, if you want to discover more beaches nearby, just tell you that next to Pinténs you can also find the beaches of Pipin and Castiñeiras. This group of beaches is the one with the best water quality in the area; moreover, the Ría de Aldán is known for having a higher temperature than other neighbouring beaches, such as Vigo.

Accessible by car

To get to Pinténs Beach, take the PO-315 in the direction of Bueu, along a road that runs along the coast. After four kilometres there is a branch to the left, in the direction of the village of Hío, which we cross. Once we have passed the church and the town’s stone cross, a little further on we will see a slope that descends to the right, indicating the direction to Pinténs Beach.

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