The smallest beach in menorca

Es Calo Blanc
With the permission of Sardinia, which is also at a spectacular level, we could say that Menorca has the best beaches in Europe. There are family beaches, unspoilt, rocky, fine sandy, hidden, nudist, romantic… There is something for everyone, although today I am going to focus on the one that has the privilege of being the smallest on the island.

A small oasis

I am referring to Es Caló Blanc, also known as Cala Blanc (not to be confused with Cala Blanca). It is located some 6.5 kilometres from Sant Lluis, between Cap d’en Font and Cala Binissafúller. From its shore you can enjoy the views of s’Illot d’en Marçal.

We are talking about a small piece of sea in the shape of a “u” that allows you to swim surrounded by rocks. The water is turquoise and crystal-clear and it is possible to find seaweed on the sand. It is very suitable for snorkelling, although as a drawback we could mention the overbooking that occurs in high season, since with so little space it is difficult to place the towel. This is why some people spread their towels out on the rocks to sunbathe away from the crowds.

Es Calo Blanc 2It is very easy to get there by road and there is no problem to park in the surrounding area without paying, mainly because there is a car park right next to it. There are no showers, toilets, restaurants or beach bars.

In short, it is a beach that is highly recommended at any time of the day, since at sunset you can relax like on few other beaches in Menorca. The beauty of the landscape makes you believe you are in paradise.

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Photos: Adrià Oliver and mperezza.

Update: According to a comment from one of our readers, it is no longer possible to access the beach on foot. You have to jump off the rocks to enjoy the waters of Es Caló Blanc.

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