The beach of orellana in extremadura one of the best beaches of fresh water

Orellana la Vieja
Who said there is no beach in Extremadura? Yes, we know that it is an inland autonomous community, but nowadays it is no longer necessary to have the sea to enjoy all the advantages of the Mediterranean or the Cantabrian Sea.

For example, in the town of Orellana la Vieja we find the first Spanish freshwater beach to be awarded a blue flag, a well-deserved distinction thanks to the fact that it is accessible to all visitors and has excellent water quality. Would you like to discover the beach of Orellana? Then stay tuned!

Special Protection Area for Birds

Orellana beach is ideal for anyone looking to spend the day sunbathing or swimming with family or friends. As we have just mentioned, it was the first freshwater beach to be awarded a blue flag, which says a lot about this place. And you have to take into account that it is located in a protected area, a Special Protection Area for Birds, next to the Navalvilar de Pela mountain range.

Orellana la Vieja1

Plenty of resources

In fact, it is an artificial beach with asphalted and grassy areas that has plenty of resources to meet the needs of all visitors. For example, in Orellana you can have a picnic in its picnic areas at the water’s edge, go fishing or go sailing. In addition, special holes have been provided for you to put your umbrella in so that you can stick it in.

Much more than a beach

There are restaurants and beach bars in the area, although the best thing is that the water from the Guadiana river, whose waters have been backwatered in the reservoir, is used to supply the local residents and to generate electricity in a sustainable way.

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