The beach of matalenas in cantabria

The MataleƱas beach in Cantabria offers spectacular scenery both on the beachfront and at the top of the cliffs. And wait, because this is only the beginning…

The natural environment of Santander’s most beautiful beach is completely wild and natural: a wide cove (40m) of very clean, deep blue waters bathe a coastline of fine golden sand, all protected from the rest of the world thanks to the immense rock cliffs and green vegetation so characteristic of the best Cantabrian landscapes.

This is precisely what makes MataleƱas a somewhat remote place far from the hustle and bustle of other coastal spots. However, we would be lying if we said that the beach is not usually crowded, because its beautiful landscape is the attraction for hundreds of tourists looking for a place to relax, to practice sports along its 125 metres or to play quietly with the children on the long shore.

However, in order to step onto the soft sand of this beach (located between the breakers of Cabo Mayor and Cabo Menor) you have to go down no less than 158 steps, making it a place that is not very accessible to everyone.

As well as enjoying this magnificent coastline, which has been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union, you can also enjoy various cultural and leisure activities such as a visit to the nearby MataleƱas Nature Reserve, the MataleƱas lighthouse or the golf course, as well as a trip to the centre of Santander.

Staying in the neighbouring district of Cueto, taking a bus trip from the centre of Santander or pitching your tent at the MataleƱas campsite are some of the best options for spending a few days on the beach.

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