The asturian beach of cadavedo

Playa Cadavedo 1
Shaped like a shell and with crystal-clear waters, Cadavedo beach, also known as La Ribeirona, is more than 400 metres long and covers an area of almost 53,000 square metres at low tide. It is located on the eastern part of the coast of Valdés, near the border with Cudillero. It is a very suitable place for diving, fishing and enjoying wonderful bathing, but don’t you feel like visiting it? Well, we’ll tell you much more about it, one of the beaches that form part of the protected landscape of the western coast of Asturias, below.

Rock formations

The beach of Cadavedo, in Valdés, stands out for its marvellous rocky formations surrounded by trees and for its crystal-clear waters. As we said, all this makes it a very suitable beach for scuba diving and sport fishing. It has dark sand and pebbles and is located two kilometres from the municipality that gives it its name. From the capes of Vidio and Busto you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of this place, with the architecture typical of this coastline with its sea caves and its very attractive shapes. Cadavedo beach has a river mouth and in summer it is usually quite busy as it is easy to get to and is an ideal place to enjoy with the whole family.

Playa Cadavedo 2

How to get there

Leaving Cadavedo and following the N-632, you can reach this beach. When the road marks the Regalina hermitage, take the road to the right, which leads to the beach after a kilometre and a half. It has a parking area, equipment and services such as showers, restaurants, security post, picnic area and cleaning. Near this beach it is possible to enter more intimate and very beautiful coves, such as El Churín and Tablizo or L’Abiera, with more complicated access but worth seeing.

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