The mysterious church of las salinas in cabo de gata

The coastline of our country hides impressive corners, full of magic. Some of these special places are on the beaches of Cabo de Gata, which we have already told you about in this blog. However, today I want to tell you a detail that hides one of these beaches in Almeria.

This is the church of Las Salinas, a temple shrouded in mystery. For years it has remained closed, without worship and in a state of increasing neglect. Today, although it has been restored, it is still closed. Its silhouette silhouetted against the landscape is one of the most striking sights of the place.

Lights and shadows of a temple

The church of Las Salinas was built for the salt workers who lived in the nearby village of Las Almadrabas de Monteleva. It was inaugurated in 1907. It is so close to the beach of Las Salinas, or Cabo de Gata beach, that it was built on a platform to prevent water and sand from entering.

It is a small church with a bell tower, and faces southeast, towards the salt quarter, with the Sierra de Gata in the background. Its architectural style shows the eclecticism prevailing at the beginning of the 20th century. It has a rectangular floor plan, with access stairs flanked by stone walls; the portico, with four square columns, supports the choir balcony; and the doorway has a semicircular arch.

Here, Nuestra Señora del Carmen, patron saint of sailors, and Santa Bárbara, protector against storms, were worshipped. After being abandoned for decades, relatively recently it was said that satanic rites were held there. Apparently, these were just rumours. The church was later restored, although it is still not used for worship.

A white sandy beach

The southwest façade of the church runs parallel to the beach. With an extension of about 2.5 kilometres and a width of approximately 80 metres, Las Salinas beach is a beauty. Its sand is white and very fine, and the water is clean and pure. On this beach the wind blows from time to time, making the waves moderate, but it is perfect for swimming.

It is surrounded by a stunning landscape, as there is an area of marshland very close by that is home to some very interesting birds. Although the place is protected, the beach can be accessed by car.

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