Isla canela in huelva

It’s impossible not to hear the words of anyone who has visited the beach of Isla Canela, in Huelva, and anyone who comes here in search of a relaxing holiday will be enchanted.

Partly because of its natural surroundings and partly because of the characteristic Andalusian atmosphere, this enormous beach has become one of the most highly rated tourist attractions in Spain.

Its fine, soft golden sand stretches for more than six kilometres long and 150 metres wide, which means that despite the tourism on this coast you will have no trouble placing your towel in any small corner.

Like many of the beaches on the Costa de la Luz, Isla Canela is a paradise for lovers of sun and beach tourism in our country, and in addition to the magnificent sand that runs along the coast, its waters are as clean, crystal clear and calm as those of any of the hotel swimming pools that surround it.

In this sense, it is also worth mentioning the environment surrounding the beach, a beautiful village of small houses of less than three floors that make the area a rational place, which respects and highlights the beauty of the natural environment.

If in addition to all this relaxing atmosphere you are also guaranteed an active and vibrant atmosphere, the town becomes the perfect place for your holiday, with a good range of services such as accommodation (of all types), shopping areas, many green areas, marina or golf course, for example.

Located in the municipality of Ayamonte and separated from the Portuguese Algarve by the Guadiana River, Isla Canela is one of those special places that is definitely worth visiting in Spain.

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