Estaca de bares in coruna

Estaca de Bares1
Although travelling around the world you can discover places as incredible as Tetiaroa, the ecological island in Polynesia that belonged to Marlon Berando, or Étratat, a spectacular French beach that has inspired hundreds of artists, the truth is that the Spanish coast has little to envy to the rest of the countries on the planet.

In the north, for example, we can find spectacular spots such as Estaca de Bares, a shell in A Coruña (Galicia) which is accessed from a seductive port of Phoenician origin. Would you like to find out more about this magical place? Then stay tuned!

The most northerly point of the peninsula.

Located in the municipality of Mañón, Estaca de Bares is the northernmost point of the peninsula, as well as separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Cantabrian Sea. However, what is most striking about this place is that it is framed by an impressive landscape with overwhelming cliffs that separate the estuaries of Ortigueira and O Barqueiro. No wonder it has been declared a Natural Area of National Interest and a Protected Area.

Estaca de Bares5

Ornithological observatory

Another of the things Estaca de Bares is known for is for being a wonderful ornithological observatory through which more than 100,000 migratory birds have passed. Whale and dolphin watching is also common in its waters. In addition, the area stands out for the composition of enormous rounded rocks due to the erosion of the sea, in which archaeological remains from the Phoenician period are preserved.

Estaca de Bares2

The lighthouse

Of course, we must not forget to mention the lighthouse, which dates from 1859 and is also the most northerly lighthouse on the peninsula. Nearby there is an ornithological observatory, some water mills and the remains of an American communications base abandoned in the 1990s.

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