The best beaches of rodalquilar

I confess my passion for the coast of Almeria, especially for the wonderful Cabo de Gata Natural Park and Marine Reserve. As a lover of the sea and diving, I think there are few places where you can better enjoy this hobby… As well as many other activities. Cabo de Gata is surrounded by spectacular beaches, many of them almost deserted and where there has always been room for everyone, nudists included.

A perfect example of this is the Playazo de Rodalquilar, a beautiful sandy area belonging to the municipality of Níjar and very close to the beautiful village that gives it its name. With a gentle curvature, transparent waters, fine sand and beautiful coves, this place is well worth a visit.

Buildings from times gone by

I recommend above all that you take advantage of the spring to visit the area: in summer the heat increases, and in May many of the extensions bloom, offering spectacular scenery. As spectacular as this fantastic beach, which is quite isolated and can be reached by a path that leaves the village of Rodalquilar. Its sand is fine and from the beach you can also see two ancient constructions: the 16th century Torre de los Alumbres and the Batería de San Ramón, from the time of Carlos III.

Fine sand and rocky coves

The stretch of fine sand covers about 400 metres, but then the beach continues in the form of small coves full of charm. Coves that are the best place to go snorkelling or to rest in total tranquillity. El Playazo is an almost wild place, without any kind of equipment, which makes it a unique place. In addition, I would like to highlight the civilised attitude of those who visit it: thanks to a campaign that was launched last year under the name “You bring it, you take it”, it has been achieved that the bathers leave their rubbish in the containers in the parking area, and thus keep the beach in a practically unaltered state.

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